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February 5, 2023
by Kabir Hossain

Selling Products on Blog

Here is a simple outline for your article about selling products on your blog:

I. Introduction
Brief explanation of what selling products on a blog is and its purpose
The benefits of selling products on a blog, such as generating additional income and building brand loyalty

II. Choosing the right products
Consideration of your target audience and their needs
Researching and selecting products that align with your blog’s niche or theme
Determining the price point and profit margins for the products you want to sell

III. Setting up an online store
Options for setting up an online store, such as using e-commerce platforms, Shopify, or Woo Commerce
Steps to setting up a store, including creating a payment gateway, integrating a shopping cart, and designing product pages
Importance of creating an attractive and user-friendly store design

IV. Marketing and promoting your products
Utilizing your blog to drive traffic to your online store and generate sales
Implementing social media marketing strategies, such as promoting products on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Offering special promotions and discounts to incentivize purchases

V. Conclusion
Recap of the key takeaways for selling products on your blog, including choosing the right products, setting up an online store, and marketing effectively
Final thoughts and suggestions for ongoing success in selling products on your blog

Note: This outline provides a basic framework for your article, but you should feel free to expand upon these ideas and add additional information as needed.

February 2, 2023
by Kabir Hossain

How do you earn money from blogging in affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where a business compensates affiliates for promoting their products or services to potential customers. The affiliates receive a commission for each sale or lead generated from their marketing efforts. This creates a win-win scenario for both the business and the affiliates, as the business gains new customers through the affiliate’s efforts, and the affiliates earn money for their efforts.

How did it works?

Affiliate marketing works as follows: A business signs up for an affiliate program and provides affiliates with unique links, banners, or discount codes to promote their products or services.

The affiliates promote the products or services to their audience through various marketing channels such as website, blog, email, social media, etc.

When a potential customer clicks on the affiliate’s link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action, the affiliate earns a commission.

The business tracks the sales or leads generated by each affiliate and pays out commissions accordingly.

The affiliates continue to promote the business’s products or services and earn commissions for their efforts.

This system allows businesses to expand their reach and customer base through the efforts of others, while affiliates can earn money for promoting products or services they believe in.

How you can earn money from blogging in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a popular method for bloggers to earn money. It involves promoting other companies’ products or services on your blog and earning a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link. To start earning from affiliate marketing, you need to:

Choose a niche for your blog that aligns with products or services you can promote as an affiliate.

Sign up for affiliate programs for companies whose products you want to promote.

Include affiliate links in your blog content, such as product reviews, recommendations, or mentions of the products.

Drive traffic to your blog and encourage readers to click on your affiliate links.

Track your affiliate sales and commissions through your affiliate network or the company’s affiliate program.

Remember, the key to success in affiliate marketing is to provide valuable content and build trust with your audience. Only recommend products or services that you genuinely believe in, and disclose your affiliation clearly to your audience.

February 1, 2023
by Kabir Hossain

What is a google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows website owners and bloggers to display targeted advertisements on their website and earn money from clicks or impressions on those ads. Advertisers use AdWords to create and display their ads on the Google network, which includes millions of websites. When a user clicks on one of these ads, the website owner earns a portion of the revenue generated.

How to earn from google AdSense?

AdSense is a program that allows website owners to display ads on their websites and earn money from clicks or impressions. Here’s how you can start earning with AdSense:

Create a website or blog: You need a website or blog to display AdSense ads on.

Apply for AdSense: Once you have a website, apply for AdSense through the Google AdSense website. Your website will be reviewed to ensure it meets AdSense policies.

Add AdSense code to your website: Once your application is approved, you’ll be given a code to add to your website. This code will display AdSense ads on your site.

Generate traffic: The more traffic your website gets, the more opportunities you’ll have for people to click on AdSense ads.

Monitor your earnings: Regularly check your AdSense account to monitor your earnings and see which ads are performing best.

Note: Keep in mind that earning with AdSense can take time and requires following AdSense policies and guidelines.
Sign up for AdSense account: You need a Google account to sign up for AdSense.

Add AdSense code to your website: Once your account is approved, you’ll receive a code to add to your website. This code displays ads on your site.

Drive traffic to your website: The more visitors you have on your site, the more chances you have to earn money through AdSense.

Get paid: You’ll get paid when AdSense advertisers pay for clicks or impressions on the ads on your site. You can choose to be paid by direct deposit, check, or wire transfer.

Monitor earnings: Regularly monitor your earnings and traffic to see how well your ads are performing and make changes as needed.

Follow AdSense policies: Make sure you follow AdSense policies to avoid any issues with your account.

February 1, 2023
by Kabir Hossain

How to earn from blogging?

Here are some ways to earn from blogging:

Advertising: Place ads on your blog, such as Google AdSense, to earn revenue from clicks or impressions.,

Affiliate Marketing: Promote other people’s products and earn a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link.

Selling Products or Services: Utilize your blog as a platform to sell your own products or services, such as e-books or courses.

Memberships and Subscriptions: Offer exclusive content or resources to paying members.

Crowdfunding: Use platforms like Patreon to solicit support from your readers.

Remember, the key to earning from your blog is to have a large and engaged audience. Focus on creating valuable content and building a strong following.

Sponsored Posts: Write posts on behalf of companies or individuals for a fee.

How to create a blog in blogger

August 21, 2016
by Kabir Hossain

How to create a blog in blogger

As blogging getting more and more popularity day by day, every person or business has a blog today. Starting a blog doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive task rather it’s very easy to create your own blog. It will just take 20 minutes to create your own blog.

Free blogging with Blogspot / blogger
Google offers users to create your own blog for free. Blogger is the best way to create free blog. Creating a free blog with Blogger is really easy task. is a blogging platform provided by Google which lets you start a free blog. In you can write unlimited article and be able to upload images as many as you want. Before creating your own blog you need to do one thing and the task is to pick up a domain name;  you need to pick a topic in which you want to write about and gain enough knowledge and skills about those things then decide to create a blog those subject. Continue Reading →

How to Start a Blog

August 1, 2016
by Kabir Hossain

How to Start a Blog

How to Start a BlogHow to start a blog !!! To find the answer you must know a bit about blogging. Most of the blogger start blogging with a big hope but end of the day they kick off and its not because the don’t know hot to start a blog, its case of their little knowledge and bad planning. So we better start digging down to know how to start a blog. 

What is blog?
A great many people used to buzz about “what is web journal” in the late 1990’s. This was the decade when this medium of correspondence was conceived and its roots were entering quick and profound. The main thing that should be explained before pushing forward is to unfasten the riddle of the expression “what is online blog” in a great way. An online blog can be furnished in straightforward words as “The discussion or data made accessible by an individual or gathering of individuals over the World Wide Web i.e. www. These are essentially posts which are transferred discretely at various times and dates by bloggers.” Continue Reading →

Types of Blog

May 24, 2016
by Kabir Hossain

Types of Blog and Blogging Subject

 Types of Blog Types of Blog and Blogging SubjectTypes of blog and blogging subject is a very common question for a beginner blogger. Blog is just like a dairy writing act or a daily journal in online world. The act of writing a post for a blog is called blogging and the person who writes content for a post or blog is called blogger. A blogger is also called online journal or writer. The topics or subject in which a blogger want to write for a post or blog is called blogging subject. As today’s world is online world and every bloggers want to write their post to blog in such a way that they will become famous. Continue Reading →