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Learn Forex Trading - Module No 1 - Video 003 (Forex Time Frame)

February 2, 2016
by Kabir Hossain
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Learn Forex Trading – Module No 1 – Video 003 (Forex Time Frame)

Forex time frame is very important subject to learn Forex and trading Forex profitably but If you are a successful Forex trader then its dose not mater, how you trade, how many trade you take per day, what signal you are using to trade, you are using your own trading strategy or coping trades from others. Those all questions become maters if you are losing your money on Forex market. I am a Forex trader and trading Forex for last few years and I passed those situations step by step. I bought several indicators and signals but end of the day I am now a manual Forex trader and hopefully doing well on Forex trading.

So my dear reader, as like always I want to tell again, Forex trading is very complicated profession. To create a successful Forex trading strategy you have to think many things and make a good plan before you take a trade. Forex time frame is one of the very important parts of the plan and choosing right time frame always gives you an advantage. Continue Reading →

Learn Forex Trading - Module No 1 - Video 002 (The Indicator Myth)

January 27, 2016
by Kabir Hossain

Learn Forex Trading – Module No 1 – Video 002 (The Indicator Myth)

Indicator is the one of most popular name in Forex trading but how much do a Forex trader knows about Forex indicators?  The definition of Indicator is indicating something or show a trend of fact and Forex Indicator is a mathematical formula based on price and time that indicate market price movement.

Forex indicator helps a trader to take the decision in which direction market is going to move in future. Almost every single Forex trader using indicators for taking trades. Some trader using indicators as a assistant to take a decision and some trader using indicators as a main base of trading.  But is really Forex indicators is helping a trader?

A small story I need to tell to describe an indicator helping method. Imagine you are a driver of big truck, lorry or bus and you have a helper who is telling you the situation of the road like the traffic condition or is the road is clear or not etc. So while you are getting help from helper your driving become easy and comfortable. But if you tie up your eyes and blindly you start to driving your vehicle just only depending on your helper signal, will your driving will be accurate or it will be the risk of your life and vehicles? Continue Reading →

January 25, 2016
by Kabir Hossain

Learn Forex Trading – Module No 1 – Video 001 (Swing Trading)

Swing trading strategy is the best for profit and safe trading concept. Every Forex trader take every single trade for making profit and dreams for a good amount of pips but most of the time the reality is much different than dream.

Almost every new trader blows their account within a few trades or maybe in few months. After blowing their first deposit they deposit again and again.  It’s a simple question what happen then! The truth is within three years only 5% of traders lasts and rest are gone.

If you are a new trader and you to make Forex trading as your career then think carefully and take your decision.  I am writing this all, it’s not because I want you to out of trade, all I want show a direction of Forex trading that if you want to be a trader then put one word very carefully on your head, In Forex Market, trend is your friend and trading on direction of trend is call swing trade. In Forex market you can take three kinds of trade on base of Forex technical analysis. (1) Swing trade (2) Counter trade (3) sideways market trade. Continue Reading →

September 22, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

Forex Introduction 006 (Trading Orders)

Hello Trader, If you are with me since my first Forex related post, then I can tell we are almost ready for take our trade together. Today we are going to learn about Trading Orders.  Trading Orders is the first steep for a big journey in currency market.

After setup Meta Trade (MT4), it seems lots of confusion but we are here to guide you properly. I know, teacher can only teach you, how to walk but no one can teach you, how to run.  I am here to share with you my Forex Trading experience and stand with you as a guide line. Taking the 1st trading Orders is the memory for life time. I can remember, in my very 1st trade I made profit $33, but please don’t ask me what happened my next trades…… Lol.  It was disaster. I lost a lot and definitely I don’t want you go through with the same possess what I went already. Continue Reading →

September 14, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

Forex Introduction 005 (Forex Technical Analysis 101)

As I used to tell, trading Forex is not hard; to become a good trader is hard but not impossible. Trading Forex you need to focus on three things,

  1. Forex Technical Analysis
  2. Forex Fundamental Analysis
  3. Forex Sentimental Analysis

This three Forex analysis makes anyone as a good Forex trader.  Today we are going to discover, what is Forex Technical Analysis? In a short form, this is an analysis system that we do in the Forex chart. In easy way we can tell, any kind of analysis on Forex chart is called Forex Technical Analysis. I know its sound confusing but when you will finish this video you will know everything clearly about it. But before you start watch this video you should watch the previous video “Forex Introduction 004 (The Forex Charts)” Because all Forex video lessons are chained up. So if you miss one, it will make effect on next one. Continue Reading →

September 8, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

Forex Introduction 004 (The Forex Charts)

Dear Trader, today we will talk about Forex charts, but before that accept my apology, my daily life events was holding me tight that’s why I am a bit late to come back in my blog. The good news is my most of the trades was good. I made some pips and I hope you had the same. So let’s find out what we have in our menu to learn for future…

Forex Charts is the most important part to become a good trader. No matter what, if you learn how to read the Charts properly, one day you will be a successful trader. So keep your mind on one point, a good Forex chart reader always knows, where markets are up too. Continue Reading →

August 29, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

Forex Introduction 003 (Getting Our Hands Dirty)

Hello Dear Forex Trader, today we will talk about Forex Introduction, part 3 in silly way to tell “Getting Our Hands Dirty”. Anyway It was a wonderful trading week. I made some very good pips and I hope you had the same too and the entire Forex beginner trader who already read my last two post, I hope you got very good knowledge, How to start Forex trading as a beginner.

Last Forex video lesson was about, Bid, Ask, Pips, Spread, Lot, Leverage, Margin and Margin Call. Those key points are very important for trading Forex. Day by day you will learn, Charting, how to use Metatrader4 / MT4 terminal, support and resistance, Trade Line, Indicators, Expert Adviser (EA) etc. as I told you, to become a successful Forex trading you need patience. Continue Reading →