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August 23, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

Forex Introduction 002 (Digging a little bit deeper)

Dear Forex trader, as I told you in my previous post (Forex Introduction 001 (Covering The Basics)), trading Forex is easy but become a successful Forex trader is very hard but it’s not impossible.

Trading Forex is requiring education and passion. If you like fishing then you may like Forex too. Forex is most like make your own trading strategy and wait for the market to knock your door. If you are an aggressive person then Forex is very bad profession for you.
I am writing this blog post with my few years of trading Forex experience, so my advice is better don’t waste your time to learn Forex here “if you want to play gambling with Forex.” Almost every single Forex book or Forex video lesson will teach you the basic Forex lingo or you can call, those lessons can teach you, how to walk but you have to learn running by yourself. Continue Reading →

August 16, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

Forex Introduction 001 (Covering The Basics Forex)

The basic Forex trading is very easy but become as successful professional Forex trader is very hard. Forex seems to be an easy job but inside this Forex trading its shows other result. Forex trading needs very good skills and long time experience.

My name is Kabir Hossain and my profession is Forex trading. I am in this Forex trading market more than four years but still I can introduce myself as a beginner Forex trader or more over a learner.1st one year I bought lots of indicator but end of the day I found my sell as an empty pocket person. One year later I realize Forex is way more than what can an indicator shows. So I started to dig a bit more to learn manually Forex trading and somewhere in a blog I found a website and bought a Forex course name “Learn Forex Live” I spend $500 to buy this course but I can tell it’s more than wrath that what I thought at the beginning. Continue Reading →

April 6, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Part 4: Best Affiliate Products for Pay per Sale ‘PPS’)

online marketing successChoosing Best Affiliate Products is one of the most important part to become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to be expert in every side of affiliate marketing. Last three posts I discussed, How to find a good Affiliate networks. Below I am providing the links, must read those post before you continue this post.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Part 1: Find an Affiliate Networks-PPS)
How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Part 2: Find an Affiliate Networks-CPA)
How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Part 3: Maxbounty Approval Tips & Peerfly Approval Tips)

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March 23, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Part 3: Maxbounty Approval Tips & Peerfly Approval Tips)

Maxbounty Approval Tips

Hello Readers, Welcome back again. Today we will discuss The Maxbounty Approval Tips to get approve Maxbounty Sign-up application or Same as How to get Approve Peerfly Sign-up application. Same possess you can get approve your application to any other Affiliate marketing networks. Click here to know, How to find a good affiliate networks and a list of good CPA affiliate networks list.    Continue Reading →

March 19, 2015
by Kabir Hossain

How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Part 2: Find an Affiliate Networks-CPA)

CPA Affiliate Networks

CPA Affiliate Networks is our subject to discus and It’s my pleasure to see you here. But I hope you read my last post “How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Part 1: Find an Affiliate Networks-PPS)” if you haven’t done it yet then first read that post because this post I am writing here it’s 2nd part of previous post.  To starting Affiliate marketing you must choose a product or service first for affiliating it. If you want to stick with pay per sale (PPS) then you can escape this post to the next post. This post is all about CPA affiliate items and How to find a good CPA network. Continue Reading →