Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

Different type of affiliate marketing

It’s a wonderful day and I got idea to share with you the different types of marketing programs today. Affiliate marketing is a huge subject. As you see the picture in top, Affiliate marketing is a big meas. It’s like octopus. Lots of legs lol. So let’s get the point, I am going to describe the different types of affiliate marketing programs in sort words below.

Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC is the most popular affiliate marketing. It’s the best options for smaller website owner. If you have a blog and you got enough visitors then this is the first option for you earn money from your website. In PPC you can use test ads, banner ads, video ads, pop up ads etc in blog or website. AS a PPC affiliate marketer you need to send traffic to your merchant website throw your ads. You get paid for each visitor visit merchant website through your website. But it’s hard to earn more than one dollar for each visitor you send by PPC. Google Adsense is the best PPC network for publisher.

Cost Per Action (CPA): when you run PPC campaign, you need just drive your visitor to merchant website but as I told, it’s very little pay in return. So how will you earn big amount of money in Affiliate marketing, the answer is cost per action. In CPA your referred visitors must make an action after visiting merchant website. It can be buy product from merchant (PPS). It can be also put some information or take a survey (PPL) etc .

Pay Per performance (PPP):  PPP is the beginning level of earning good money in affiliate marketing. In ppp, your visitors have to take an action after visit merchant website. They have to take they service or buy products from merchant and in return you will get commission like 15% or 20% of total sale. It’s similar to PPS or PPL.

Pay Per Sale (PPS):   PPS is the most popular affiliate marketing program. PPS publisher earn the most effective amount of money.  In PPS commission count based on every single product or service providing merchant. Sometime publisher get more than 50% of each sale or a fixed amount of money for each sale.

Pay Per Lead (PPL): In PPL your referred visitor has to generate any lead by providing there information. Some time its only name or email but its pay very small money. For big profit your referred visitors may provide little bit more information like their credit card information to get trail offers.

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