Forex Secret Strategy

Forex secret strategy

Keep your Forex trades simpleMy Forex secret strategy trading guide line

Forex Learning Road Map to Become a Successful Forex Trader

First of all, “Nothing is free in this world” So why should I give you, my Forex secret strategy for free?

To maintain this website I need to spend more than $100 every month including Domain, Hosting and SEO. But what is my benefit?

“I am not only a Forex trader. My second income source is Affiliate Marketing and most of all, I love Blogging”

So let’s come to the point, what is My Forex secret strategy!

“Forex Money Management”

I am professional Forex trader. Last 5 years I am trading Forex and doing very well. I keep my trade very simple, let’s show you my Forex secret strategy step by step

Step 1: Choosing a good Forex broker. Don’t let the scammers to take your hard earn money. I have traded over 20 brokers in my life and at last I end up with the one where I am trading now. Last 5 years I am trading in They are regulated broker and the sweet part of trading in is their withdraw is commission free and very fast withdraw, excellent customer service with supper low spread.

Step 2: Before you kill the capital of yours and make your account 0.00, please learn how to protect the capital. Forex market is not running away so hold your horse, when you are trading. Don’t be so rush and jump in a trade by seeing a Forex market trap. My mean is that control your emotion.

Step 3: Spend your time, money and energy for learning trade not blow your entire account money. I spend lots of money for buying Forex courses, books, Indicators and EAs,

“What I learn from my past years, you can’t able to protect yourself by just buying a gun! Also you need learn how to use the gun”

If anybody tell online Forex video course, books, indicators or EA is useless then defiantly that person is a empty vessel. After buy anything Forex related use it in demo account and give it’s a time and learn how to use the Indicators or EAs properly.

Step 4: Do not gamble with your money in Forex market. Money management is the life of Forex. If any trader don’t use the money management its mean this trader just kill his/her all Forex capital. Its good to use Stop loss but I will not force you to do that. What I will force you, make a plan and flow your complete money management. Without proper money management if trade goes against you, you will be 0.00 again. So learn how you will protect your capital. I always use stop loss for my manual trade and both indicator base & EA base trade setup.

Step 5: While you are holding your loss trades months so please learn, holding your profit trades too. As I told you before, make a complete money management and flow the plan. Don’t just close your profit trades just after few pips. Let it go and collect for you money.

Step 6: Make your Forex secret strategy by yourself and trade well to enjoy with your profit money!

Several times I gave same answer and again I am placing those below.

  • Do I teach Forex trading?

Yes I do but not one to one. I maintain this blog and all my Forex posts are educational post, based on learning Forex trade.

  • How many years you are trading Forex?

Last 5 years since 2010.

  • Did you lose in trade?

Defiantly yes. First year of my Forex trading I blow few times my entire Forex capital.

  • Do I trade manually?

Yes I do and also I trade based on indicators and EA.

  • What indicators do you use for trading Signal?

(1) Buy Sell magic. & (2) The Easy Forex Breakout Trend Trading Simple System.

  • What EA you use for trading?

Sorry I will not answer it now because trading base on EA is very risky.

  •  ………….. if you have any more questions please write it in the comment box.

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Hello Mr Kabir

I’m a freelance web developer , doing good in my field. After realizing Warren Buffet’s quotes on investment , i am pretty interested to create my 2nd income source. What do you suggest? Can i be a Forex Trader? or an affiliate marketer?


Kabir Hossain

Kabir Hossain

Sorry For late answer. In my opinion both ‘Forex and Affiliate Marketing’ are good but its depends on person to person. I am a Professional Forex trader and part time Affiliate marketer. in my point of view, Forex market need cash money to invest then make profit from it but Affiliate marketing can be done without invest any money but you have to spend a lot time and hard work to get juice from it. So think yourself, what is best for you.