What Is Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing

Its a very common question “What Is Affiliate Marketing”

It’s my pleasure to being with you by my blogs. Today I want to talk about what is Affiliate Marketing? As I mention you before, I am not your teacher so my blogging style is not like old teacher too. If want some hard and booked version of what is Affiliate Marketing then uncle Google is always there to help u. I like being easy and fun way to learn and teach. So let’s get to the point.

In Affiliate Marketing, you will find 3 different persons involved.

  1. Direct company or seller who wants to sell his item or service to other. Just like the main seller wants to shoot a bird but they wants to put his gun on your (publisher) shoulder. I know this is not the best way to describe but this is the truth. We will go details later.
  2. An organization or persons who help to meet between company and seller to the publisher. They are in much better position in affiliate system. They sit and manage the system and take a commission from both client (advertisers and publisher)
  3. As we are publisher, now our duty. We let our shoulder to use the company or seller gun to shoot a bird and in return we get commission. (maybe a piece of fried birds leg or some time a half of bird)

Let’s see below,

How affiliate works

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Source 1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

If you visit the top link what I provide, you will get more details about affiliate marketing based on book language.  But if wants to learn my way then let’s do it.

Think Mr. A is a Mobile company owner or a Mobile Phone seller. He wants to sell his phone but he needs to spend lots of money for advertise to attract it the consumers, then he can sell it and make his profit.

In this point Phone seller thought’s, why not I let my products others to sell or advertise and after sell my products I will pay him commission.  So he make a contact with a company like http://www.cj.com that I will pay x amount of money after sell my each single product. Now the http://www.cj.com   after take their commission percentage, they put the offers in their website for Publisher (Mr.B ) who will get some commission after sale those product or service.

Now it’s our time to show up as a Publisher. We sign up as a publisher in http://www.cj.com  website and get all details and a unique referral link of that product.  Now as a publisher our job is publish it. When MR C (Consumers) buy any product or service by through our referral link from the main owner we get a commission.

That’s it. Job is done after conversation. Commission is in our pocket and let’s have fun.  But hold your horse for a while.  Main fact is how you will get consumers /Visitors? After get lots of visitors how you will impress them to buy? Etc lots of “how” is waiting….

Don’t get confuse, every problem has a solution. Proper training and knowledge can make a Publisher much richer than an affiliate provider (product owner).

This is so far for today. Next blog post I will talk all about affiliate marketing secrets.

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