What is blogging?

What is blogging

The same question I asked, when I started blogging few years earlier “What is blogging?” 

What is bloggingThe word blog is also called a weblog or web log. A blog is a website consisting of posts. It’s just like an art of dairy writing act or a daily journal in on-line world. A blog is considered as online dairies individuals posted information on a daily basis about their lives and opinions.

The act of writing a post for a blog is called Blogging. Blogs are created using specific publishing software. Blogs typically included features such as comment and links to increase user interactivity. The Blogs was first invented in the late 1990 as online dairies individuals posted information on a daily basis about their lives and opinion. In the early life of the World Wide Web some 20 years ago, the internet was just an informational tool and website were simple and provided a one -side conversation.

As the time went on, the internet become more interactive with the introduction of transaction based websites and online shopping but still the online world remain on-sided. Today user’s generated content became an integral part of the on-line world. Today users expect websites to provide a tow-way conversation and weblogs and blogs were born.

As blog evolved interactive features were added to created a tow-way conversation  in order to readers took them to leave comments on blog posts or link to post on other blogs and websites to further the dialogue. Infect blogging has become an important part of the online and offline world of politics, business and society. but today it is used as a money earning source for whom who want to business on on-line world  such as online job , funny jokes, success tips ,social work advertising product, sell product etc..As internet has become more social blogs have gained in popularity.

BloggerAbout blogger
The person who writes content for a post or a blog is called a blogger. A blogger is also called an online journalist or writer who writes daily just like a dairy writer basis about their lives and opinions such as photographer, article writer, story writer, funny jokes writer, designers, success tips etc…A blogger have to be write daily that’s why the readers or users have learn more about the online world. The bloggers have to learn everything about those subjects in which they want to write and they also have to know how to deals with it. Then they start for a blog to determine if blogging is right for them.

In a blog there are many sectors such as business, fun story, writer, platforms, success tips, hosts, designers, journalism, advertising world etc. In a word we can say that every work which is internet connected is called blog. So the bloggers have an option to make their daily dairies more and more famous.

Today it is also a way of money earning source. Today bloggers earn their daily lives within their blog. Because in present world internet is more popular with bloggers impacting the world of politics, business and society.

Bloggers are now earn money within a part of business blogging such as online advertising job, Affiliate Marketing, sells product, given financial advising tips etc .official online job such as social work online journalism, teaching job etc. It seems that blogging will become more powerful in the future with more people and business recognizing the power of bloggers as online influences.

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