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Forex Introduction 002 (Digging a little bit deeper)


Dear Forex trader, as I told you in my previous post (Forex Introduction 001 (Covering The Basics)), trading Forex is easy but become a successful Forex trader is very hard but it’s not impossible.

Trading Forex is requiring education and passion. If you like fishing then you may like Forex too. Forex is most like make your own trading strategy and wait for the market to knock your door. If you are an aggressive person then Forex is very bad profession for you.
I am writing this blog post with my few years of trading Forex experience, so my advice is better don’t waste your time to learn Forex here “if you want to play gambling with Forex.” Almost every single Forex book or Forex video lesson will teach you the basic Forex lingo or you can call, those lessons can teach you, how to walk but you have to learn running by yourself.

So why I am writing this post!!! You can learn everything from those below Forex video lesson except attitude and controlling power of your emotions when you trade Forex.

So my dear Fellows, I will try to write a small post to share my experiences a bit with you in every Forex video lesson you will get here. Now it’s time to get start.

In this introductory module, this “Captor No 1: Forex Introduction & Lesson No 2: Forex Introduction 002 (Digging a little bit deeper)” Forex video lesson will cover:

  1. Forex market opening and closing time.
  2. What is the Bid and Ask price?
  3. What is the Spread in Forex trading?
  4. What are the Pips or how to calculate the Pips in Forex?
  5. What is the Long and Short Positions in Forex trade?
  6. What is the Lot in Forex market or the Volume of trade?
  7. What is the Leverage?
  8. What is the Margin and Margin Call?
  9. Interest Rollover




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