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Forex Introduction 004 (The Forex Charts)


Dear Trader, today we will talk about Forex charts, but before that accept my apology, my daily life events was holding me tight that’s why I am a bit late to come back in my blog. The good news is my most of the trades was good. I made some pips and I hope you had the same. So let’s find out what we have in our menu to learn for future…

Forex Charts is the most important part to become a good trader. No matter what, if you learn how to read the Charts properly, one day you will be a successful trader. So keep your mind on one point, a good Forex chart reader always knows, where markets are up too.

To become a good Forex chart reader, you need to learn the basic of Forex charts and today we will learn and make some practice because still 130+ classes are wafting for us to become a professional trader. So sit in tight and watch this video carefully.

In this introductory module, “Captor No 1: Forex Introduction & Lesson No 4: Forex Introduction 004 (The Forex Charts)” Forex video lesson will cover:

  1. Forex Chart Reading.
  2. Different types of Forex Charts.
  3. What are Line  chart?
  4. What are Bar  chart?
  5. What is Candle stick  chart?
  6. Why the Candle stick Forex charts is best to trade?
  7. Different types of trader and target profit pips.
  8. Different time frame for different type of trading setup.



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  3. Nice article. I Liked it.

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