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Forex Introduction 003 (Getting Our Hands Dirty)


Hello Dear Forex Trader, today we will talk about Forex Introduction, part 3 in silly way to tell “Getting Our Hands Dirty”. Anyway It was a wonderful trading week. I made some very good pips and I hope you had the same too and the entire Forex beginner trader who already read my last two post, I hope you got very good knowledge, How to start Forex trading as a beginner.

Last Forex video lesson was about, Bid, Ask, Pips, Spread, Lot, Leverage, Margin and Margin Call. Those key points are very important for trading Forex. Day by day you will learn, Charting, how to use Metatrader4 / MT4 terminal, support and resistance, Trade Line, Indicators, Expert Adviser (EA) etc. as I told you, to become a successful Forex trading you need patience.

I am not going to take your more times while your video lesson is waiting for you. Make your sit tight, watch this Forex lesson video and ‘make your Hands Dirty’ if you want to be Successful Forex trader.

In this introductory module, “Captor No 1: Forex Introduction & Lesson No 3: Forex Introduction 003 (Getting Our Hands Dirty)” Forex video lesson will cover:

  1. Actual trading part of Forex.
  2. The different type of trading approach.
  3. Practical Forex beginning lesson.
  4. Fundamental trading VS technical trading.
  5. Charting
  6. Finding trading patterns.
  7. How to find a trending market.
  8. Swing Trading.
  9. Trading Time Frame (Scalping, Intraday trading, intraweek trading, Long term trading and Investment)
  10. Which Trading time frame trade, how many pips can be expected.



Forex Introduction 004 (The Forex Charts)
Forex Introduction 002 (Digging a little bit deeper)


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