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Forex Introduction 006 (Trading Orders)


Hello Trader, If you are with me since my first Forex related post, then I can tell we are almost ready for take our trade together. Today we are going to learn about Trading Orders.  Trading Orders is the first steep for a big journey in currency market.

After setup Meta Trade (MT4), it seems lots of confusion but we are here to guide you properly. I know, teacher can only teach you, how to walk but no one can teach you, how to run.  I am here to share with you my Forex Trading experience and stand with you as a guide line. Taking the 1st trading Orders is the memory for life time. I can remember, in my very 1st trade I made profit $33, but please don’t ask me what happened my next trades…… Lol.  It was disaster. I lost a lot and definitely I don’t want you go through with the same possess what I went already.

No more advice. Take your pencil and note pad. More over don’t forget to take breath.

In this introductory module, “Captor No 1: Forex Introduction & Lesson No 6: Forex Introduction 006 (Trading Orders)” Forex video lesson will cover:

  1. Types of Trading Orders.
  2. The purpose of each Trading Orders.
  3. What are market orders?
  4. How to take a trading Order?
  5. Pending Order: Stops Order & Limits Order.
  6. Managing open Orders: Stop Loss (SL) & Take Profit (TP).
  7. Stop to break even.
  8. Trailing Stops.



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